Optimum Chart New Version 1.76 Released

Dear Optimum Chart Users

We have just released Version 1.76 for Optimum Chart. Make sure to download and use only version 1.76 for the maximum performance (This is a must).

In version 1.76, we have made a multiple of improvement on following areas:

  • Correlation Ranking Heat Map: Simplified user interface. Tidy up many unused parts
  • Fractal Moving Average Indicator: This moving average indicator was finally added to Optimum Chart to be used together with Fractal Pattern Indicator.
  • Pair Trading: Pair Chart and Pair Spread Chart improved.
  • Improvement over the data management algorithm (not visible)

As you can see from the screenshot, the turning point probability in Fractal Pattern Indicator provides a lot of hints on Pair Trading direction. Especially, you could get a lot of insight from the turning point probability in time dimension.

We really hope you can make the best use of these excellent updates on Version 1.76. It is available now.


Kind regards.

5 March 2020

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