Breakout Trading and then Recommendation for Turning Point (i.e. reversal)

Fractal Pattern scanner will do a lot of complicated calculation at the background. However, it provides really simple trading operation for you. Hence, here is some explanation.

Firstly, the Mother Wave pattern (i.e. breakout patter) will provide you breakout trading opportunity. When the price crosses the breakout line, there is a good chance to catch profit from this breakout.

The good thing is that it also provides the potential reversal price level as soon as the breakout pattern is detected.

In summary, for your trading, you use breakout for the first profit opportunity, then you will use reversal for the second profit opportunity. However, if the market is too strong on breakout, then you can skip the second profit opportunity and just keep holding the first breakout opportunity.

That is it. Trading operation is simple. However, you can digest these articles for your trading.  You could become the professional trader, who can pull the profit from Fractal Pattern and Fractal Wave. You understand the principles of nature and you make profits from them. It is awesome things to do in the this world.

The turning point probability is a powerful tool that you can use it as both reversal trading or breakout trading within your technical analysis. You can watch this YouTube video titled as “Breakout Trading vs Reversal Trading (Turn Support & Resistance to Killer Strategy)” in this link below to get some hands on practice with breakout and reversal trading opportunity with Support and Resistance Technical Analysis.

YouTube Video Link:

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