Breakout Trading or Reversal Trading

With Fractal Pattern Scanner, you can choose to trade with both breakout and reversal price movement. Fractal Pattern Scanner does it by detecting Mother Wave and by presenting the Probability Graph. You will get some clear idea on how to do that with the attached screenshot. Detection of mother wave provides us the important clue to predict both reversal and breakout movement.

Throughout your trading career, you could be specialized in either breakout trading or reversal trading. If you are ambitious, then you can specialize in both. Here we provide two in depth articles for breakout and reversal trading. Make sure that you read these two articles before choosing the trading style.

Here is the article to use reversal trading.

Here is the article to use breakout trading.

Before reading above articles, please read this most basic but most important article first if you have not read yet.

More educational articles can be found here.

In terms of Fractal Pattern Scanner setting, please use this short article.

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