Stock Market Prediction Application (also for Forex Market) – Free Download

Stock Market Prediction Application is a handy software for investors and traders. This lightweight application can make price and time predictions on the turning point on both Forex and Stock markets, based on trends and price data sets.

Stock Market Prediction Application features a simple interface, with buttons, checkboxes and multiple tab pages, all bundled in the same window. To start, you need to load the data, from an Excel file or a CSV file. The application displays columns of each entry from the data file. Sample data come along within the downloaded archive. You can use these data sets to test the software’s functionality.

Once the data is loaded, you only have to press on the button that performs the fractal decomposition. The application proceeds to generate the fractal cycle analysis, performing calculations and plotting interactive evolution charts. The application plots the ZigZag indicator for different transaction cycles and assesses the probability of price turning.

In the Prediction tab page, this application also generates various charts for the turning point probability at the latest peak and trough, for multiple transaction cycles. The ZigZag indicator is the good reference when it comes to changes in price trends. This indicator plots points whenever the price reverses by a percentage greater than a specific value. Its evolution can help investors detect price trends and reduce price fluctuations as much as possible. A table containing the various technical indicators is also generated. Just like the ZigZag indicators, these indicators can help to predict future price movements.

In summary, Stock Market Prediction Application is a great software that helps you to predict the Stock market. It can be used to predict for Forex market too. It provides you the statistical prediction, various technical indicators, zigzag indicator for multiple cycles and Fibonacci price projection. Last, but not least, this is free software.

You can find the direct download link from below page. There is no need for the registration or user account or anything else. This is absolutely free software for every one.

or if you prefer, you can also download the same software from Softpedia website.

Download link will provide you the zip file which contains StockMarketPredictionApp.exe + full instruction in pdf file.  Read the full instruction in pdf file before starting to use this application. Then enjoy the profit seeking with this advanced trading tool.

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