Turning Point Prediction Review

The new turning point prediction method consists of the turning point probability and fractal cycle analysis. Currently, the turning point prediction method is exclusively used for Forex and Stock market. In fact, the turning point probability and fractal cycle analysis are integrated in the calculation phase of this turning point prediction method. Several terminologies can describe their application. We ordered the terminologies by their word length.

  • Geometric volatility
  • Quantified price action
  • Fractal wave modelling
  • Stochastic cycle modelling
  • Geometric analysis combined with statistics
  • Peak and trough analysis combined with statistics
  • Fractal decomposition or Fractal wave decomposition
  • Price action combined with math or mathematical price action

The above terminologies can be applied to describe the application of the turning point probability and fractal cycle analysis in real world. However, some of the terminology can appeal more to different audience. For example, “stochastic cycle modelling” might be more appealing to the forecasting scientist as they knew some data are more complex beyond the deterministic cycles. Likewise, for the day trader, “price action combined with math” or “mathematical price action” might be more appealing to them if they heard about the price action. Especially, the term “geometric volatility” might provide a lot of insight behind this prediction algorithm to mathematician, even though they have not read this book at all.

In addition, the price tends to move extremely fast when the price starts to reveal their direction. Hence, even though you have waited long time around support or resistance level, the chance of buying at low price or selling at high price can be thin with the market reaction strategy. You just need to be really fast and accurate to get the early entry before other people act. When you predict the market direction with the turning point probability, this helps to get early entry. You have the better chance to get early entry as you have some clue about the market direction from the turning point probability. This can provide a solid advantage to your trading as you can achieve high reward with less effort.

You can read full article about reviewing the turning point prediction from link below.


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