Free MT4/MT5 Downloads

These are totally free tools you can use together with our Products. Please feel free to download these tools. Use these tools at your own risk. Plus we have released some other free tools in our product section too. The free tools in our product section is also totally free too like those free tools listed in this page.

AlgoTrading-Investment Platform for Stock

Our AlgoTrading-Investment Platform is absolute free to download and free to use for offline chart analysis. It is also free to use for 2 weeks demo account with data connected.

Here is the download link for our AlgoTrading-Investment Platform.

Please read how to use the powerful offline feature to analyse any stock market or forex market data you like to analyse with free financial data provider like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.

Peak Trough Analysis Tool

This tool is useful for your Elliott Wave Counting. As we have introduced in our Ebook, you can use the Peak Trough Analysis tool for the template and pattern approach towards your Elliott Wave counting. The template and pattern approach will never disappoint you for your scientific Elliott Wave Counting.


Tick Chart for Meta Trader 4

We have developed this tick chart for some high frequency traders. We do not know if this tool is suitable for everyone. But you can use this tick chart tool at your own risk.