Projecting Significant Channels into Future with EFW Analytics

EFW Analytics is a powerful tool for your trading. EFW analytics contains multiple of features. One of them is project significant channels into future (available from version 10.6). The concept behind this is similar to viewing neighboring Channel feature. The difference is that this feature project the channels into future instead of showing them the past footage. Of course, this is fully automatic feature in just one button click. To project the channels into upper price range, just click “Upper” button. To project the channels into lower price range, just click “Lower” button. Once button is clicked, EFW analytics will show 1 to several important lines for your trading. If you want to fine tune the lines, then you can check their rating information. To do so, just move your mouse over each line. Then you can read rating of each channel in your chart. If you believe that some lines are absolutely important, then make sure that you lock them in your chart for nurture reference. To lock the lines, just click over the lines. That is all. Your trading will be ready in 1 minutes. No rocket science at all. It is just one button click.

Below is the link to the EFW Analytics (Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics):

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