Combining Gann Angles from Multiple projection Origins

In this article, we will show you how to combine several Gann Angles projected from Multiple origins. Firstly, attach Fractal Pattern Scanner to your chart. Make sure that you have enabled Gann Angles mode from Fractal Pattern Scanner. Then follow these three steps.

Step 1

  • Click peak using mouse.
  • Click one or two Gann Angle lines to pin down them in your chart.
  • Click over the peak again to remove all Gann Angles except the saved lines.

Step 2

  • Click trough using mouse.
  • Click one or two Gann Angle lines to pin down them in your chart.

Step 3

  • All done, if you click over trough one more time, then all Gann Angle Lines will be removed except the one saved.
  • You can use this Gann Angle Complex for your breakout or reversal trading.

When you want to remove the saved Gann Angles, then just use the shortcut key “C” from your keyboard. Key “C” will clear everything from your chart and then it will recalculate everything in your chart. The attached screenshot will provide the step by step guide for above three steps.

Here is another article on how to use Gann Angles for your trading.

Fractal Pattern Scanner provides

1. Automated Gann’s Angles (Gann’s Fan)

2. Detect Turning Point Probability

3. Fibonacci Probability Graph

4. Automated Fibonacci Expansion

5. Price Pattern detection (Confluence pattern between Mother wave and Child wave)

6. Help you trading better with Harmonic Pattern, support, resistance, triangle, falling wedge and rising wedge pattern

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