Chart Pattern in Forex and Stock Market Trading

Learning the geometric shape of the chart patterns might be not sufficient to apply them well in the financial market. If we understand why the chart patterns exist in the financial market, we can use them more accurately. Hence, it is important to understand the underlying science behind the chart patterns. In doing so, we need to understand the trend and cycle. Then we need to see the connection of fractal wave with trend and cycle. Finally, when we recognize the fractal wave as the superior analytical method to the existing methods, we will understand why chart patterns were used in the financial market over 100 years.

As long as the price continuously rises and falls, we can utilize the fractal wave in our price analysis. After extensive price rise, the price must fall to realize the overvaluation of the price. Likewise, after extensive price fall, the price must rise to realize the undervaluation of the price. This price mechanism builds the complex zigzag path of the price movement in the financial market. Most of price data in the Forex and Stock market tend to follow this. Therefore, price pattern analysis are often heavily used to predict the price movement. Prior to apply these price patterns in the scientific way, the peak trough transformation is required. Peak trough transformation is the mathematical techniques to identify the peak and trough in turn to visualize the fractal wave in the price series. This technique is helpful to identify the price patterns like triangle, rising wedge pattern, falling wedge pattern, Elliott wave pattern, harmonic pattern and so on.

If you want to use the chart patterns in your trading, you might look at these two automatic price pattern scanner. They are Advanced Price Pattern Scanner and Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner is the non repainting price pattern scanner whereas Price Breakout Pattern Scanner is based on repainting pattern detection. You will feel that Advanced Price pattern Scanner is using completely new pattern detection algorithm from Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. Even same patterns are detected in different timing between them due the the different pattern detection algorithm.

However, Advanced Price Pattern Scanner is more expensive. Hence, if you are concerned with the price. Then you can still go ahead with Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. Price Breakout Pattern Scanner will do generally everything for your need from price pattern detection + Japanese candle stick pattern detection and so on. If you need the non repainting price pattern scanner, we certainly recommend to use Advanced Price Pattern Scanner. In addition, Advanced Price Pattern Scanner also provides the multiple timeframe pattern detection helping you to reduce number of charts to open.

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