Support and Resistance with Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave Trend is a Elliott Wave indicator for Elliott Wave Analysis. In addition, Elliott Wave Trend can produce its own support and resistance automatically for your trading. These support and resistance are detected by projecting the location of superimposed wave patterns. The produced support and resistance are accurate. By clicking the box, you can extend or reverse the support and resistance zone in your chart.

For your information, the support and resistance zone can be used on their own. Typically you will use the latest support and resistance in your trading decision. This is most basic use of these support and resistance. However, you can also use these support and resistance combined with your actual Elliott Wave counting. You can use the support and resistance to gauge the turning point and breakout using your Elliott Wave counting.

Elliott Wave Trend is powerful and sophisticated Elliott Wave indicator for professional trader. We provide many articles on how to use Elliott Wave Trend. We will introduce three articles for your information here.

In this article, we will provide some basic features available in Elliott Wave Trend. In addition, this article provide the really simple guide to Automatic Wave Analysis for Impulse and Corrective Waves.

In this article, we provide the more detailed guide for automatic wave analysis for impulse and corrective waves. In addition, this article provide a demonstration of using automatic wave anlaysis so that you can improve your trading performance.

In this article, we provide some theoretical background behind Elliott Wave Analysis. In addition, the article explains the way to improve the accuracy of your market prediction with Elliott Wave Analysis.

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Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance

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