Elliott Wave Trading

Below articles will provide a guide to count Elliott Wave using scientific approach. Applying the scientific approach helps to reduce the subjectivity involved in Elliott Wave counting. Hence, you can reproduce your trading outcome over and over.

●  Introduction to the Wave Principle


●  Scientific Wave Counting with the Template and Pattern Approach


●  Impulse Wave Structural Score and Corrective Wave Structural Score


●  Channelling Techniques


About this Article

This article is the part taken from the draft version of the Book: Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading (Wisdom of Trend, Cycle, and Fractal Wave). Full version of the book can be found from the link below:


Elliott Wave Trend is extremely powerful indicator. Allow you to perform Elliott wave counting as well as Elliott wave pattern detection. On top of them, it provides built in accurate support and resistance system to improve your trading performance. You can watch this YouTube Video to feel how the Elliott Wave Indicator look like:


Here is the landing page for Elliott Wave Trend.




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