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Price Action and Pattern Trading is the powerful way of trading in Financial Markets. We have been working with many Experienced Price Action and Pattern Traders long time. We have developed many powerful trading tools detecting profitable and tradable patterns appreciated by many professional traders. Here are some useful articles to read for your Price Action and Pattern Trading. Perhaps, this articles might be useful to understand how our Software works too. The same articles can be found at Our manual section here.


In addition to our PDF articles above, you can also access to our simple instruction page on our blog. If you are starters in financial trading, this simple instruction can be helpful. In our simple instruction page, we present simple and short technical or non technical instruction for Meta Trader and our products. To get access to our simple instruction page, simply just visit our blog here or visit this link:


Electronic Books

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Our E-book can be great help for your practical trading as well as above manuals. Our E-book is currently available on, the world biggest E-Book distributor. The E-book purchase is entirely dealt by Most of time, the purchasing instruction will be given from the E-Book page and it should be straight forward process. Nowdays you can read E-Book from your PC or laptop using PC version of Kindle (i.e. you do not need to buy the kindle.). Our E-Book is available to Worldwide customers. Therefore, any traders can access to our E-book from your computers. You can download the PC Version of Kindle from this link for free of charge from Please install this PC version of Kindle to read our E-Book.







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