Optimum Chart

Optimum Chart is a standalone Charting and Signal Platform for trader. Optimum Chart is geared up best for Price Action and Pattern Trading. Optimum Chart platform comes with built in Harmonic Pattern Scanner to generate your trading signal automatically across all symbols and all timeframe. Optimum Chart provide extremely simple and intuitive user interface. You can start to use it without too much time devoted for learning all the GUIs. Here are the main features of Optimum Chart for your trading.

  1. Automatic Harmonic Pattern Scanner for all symbols and all timeframe – this premium harmonic pattern scanner is the main functionality of Optimum Chart. It is where you can conveniently generate your trading signals. You can even save your favorite patterns in your hard drive for your trading and future reference.
  2. Harmonic Pattern Indicator and Price Pattern Indicator – Optimum Chart provides additional Harmonic Pattern Indicator + Price Pattern Indicator beside above Harmonic Pattern Scanner. You can use simulator to practice your trading strategy with these harmonic pattern indicator and price pattern indicator for your trading.
  3. Simulator – Optimum Chart also provide simple and intuitive price simulator for you to test and to build your own trading strategy.
  4. Flexible Templates – Optimum Chart provides features to save and to load templates for various indicators and chart objects. This is essential need for your trading.
  5. Real Time charting – Optimum Chart provides easy multiple chart management system. You can open and manage as many charts as you want to add various indicators and chart objects to identify important market timing for your trading. You can conveniently change chart background and chart types in one-button click.
  6. Correlation Ranking Heat Map – Optimum Chart comes with built in Correlation Ranking Heat Map. As you know this is the powerful inter-market indicator.


This Screenshot shows overview of Optimum Chart.

This screenshot shows Harmonic Pattern Scanner. This is a professional Harmonic Pattern Signal Generator. It scans Harmonic Patterns for All Symbols and all timeframe.  You can sort each pattern by their important attribute like age and status. You can also save any patterns in your hard drive for future use. This all can be done in just simple user interface base. No need for any coding or hard core practice.

This screenshot shows Harmonic Pattern Indicator + Price Pattern Indicator beside above Harmonic Pattern Scanner. You can choose any of these indicators according to your preferences.

This screenshot shows how to operate with chart templates. As you can see, using Optimum Chart is user friendly and intuitive.

You can simulate different charts with various indicators and chart objects to learn, to test and to develop strategies. It is just one button click.

With Optimum Chart, you can also access our Built In Correlation Ranking Heat Map. This allow you to see overall market trend and potential mean reversion opportunity instantly.

How to get Optimum Chart

Optimum Chart designed for the Professional Harmonic Pattern and Price Pattern trading Tool Kits (all in one). We are selling these powerful buy and sell signal generator for several license scheme. Please click below purchase link.

Link to 1 Month License: https://algotrading-investment.com/product/optimum-chart-forex-1month/

Link to 3 Month License: https://algotrading-investment.com/product/optimum-chart-forex-3-month/

Link to 1 Year License: https://algotrading-investment.com/product/optimum-chart-forex-1-year/

Who can use our Optimum Chart

Optimum Chart is recommended for all level of trader. Mostly, if you prefer simple and easy trading signal generation, then we recommend to use our Optimum Chart rather than anything complicated out there. Learning time is extremely shorter than other charting platforms.

Product Note about Optimum Chart

Please note that Optimum Chart is a standalone charting and signal platform (i.e. runs on Window without needing anything else). If you are MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) users, please use our MetaTrader product pages.

Link to MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) Product Page: https://algotrading-investment.com/our-products-list/

Optimum Chart Special Gift Coupon

When you buy our MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) products, you can request our Optimum Chart License for free. The detailed information about this special gift can be found from this link:


Available Forex Symbols

Above features are all included in Optimum Chart. Currently Optimum Chart provide real time charting for over 30 Forex and Commodity Symbols.

  • Crude_Oil
  • Natural_Gas