Introduction to Remote Trade Copier MT4 to MT4

Remote Trade Copier MT4 to MT4  is a software, which helps Forex traders and account managers to duplicate trading positions from your MetaTrader 4 terminal across internet. The biggest difference of our Remote Trade Copier from most of other remote trade copier on the net is that we do not use any bridging website address between Sender and Receiver EAs. When the remote trade copier uses some website address (or ftp site) for copying operation, you will experience some major disadvantage. Firstly, your copying operation is slow because your signals are forwarded first to the seller’s website (or ftp site) first before the signals get to your Receiver account. Secondly, your copying operation is not confidential because the seller can access to your signal while they are stored in their website. Most importantly, when the website (or ftp site) is not available any more, because the seller stops their business or for some other reason, etc, then your remote trade copier will not work any longer.

For this reason, we have created a direct Remote Trade Copier. Sender EA in our Remote Trade Copier act as its own direct server as you can find the same technology in Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol. Since the operation of our Remote Trade Copier does not rely on any external website (or ftp site), our Remote Trade Copier offers the enhanced speed and reliability. Further more your signal are 100% secure and confidential since we use encryption for every signal. No one can know what sort of signals are sent from your sender to your receiver because the message is directly travel to your receiver through the dedicated messaging pipe line from the sender.

Even though our remote trade copier offers the advanced copying operation but forget about all the complexity. Using our Remote Trade Copier is extremely easy. It a just plug and play style of tool. All you have to is just run one Sender EA in your Master MetaTrader 4 terminal in one computer and run one Receiver EA in your Slave MT4 terminal in your another computer. Rest of operation will be handed automatically by our Remote Trade Copier at background. We are offering the faster Remote Trade Copying solution on the internet comparing to other remote Trade copier using slow ftp or http downloading technology, which is the case for most of other remote trade copiers on the net.

Important Note:

For our Account (Trade) Copier, you only need to install the product formally for the Sender EA. For the Receiver EA, there is no need to go through the formal installation step. For example, for Remote Trade Copier MT4 to MT4, you can just use the Receiver EA on any computer by just coping the ex4 files to that computer. It is same for the Local (Trade) Copier. 

Important Requirement:

To use our Remote Trade Copier, you will need to have a VPS or dedicated server with static IP Address for Sender (i.e. Master EA). Most of VPS provider provide a static IP address however, some company do not provide static IP address to reduce the cost. So please make sure that your vps have one IP address.

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