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We offer the trading & investment solutions for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 Platforms for Crystal Clear Market View and Advanced Decision Making. Our MT4/MT5 Products are purchasable through Algotrading-Investment.com and through MQL5.com. All our MT4/MT5 products include free future update. We also offer 1 month Rental option for most of our products. Therefore, if you are not sure which one to buy, then you might try the product for 1 month using our 1 month rental option. With 1 month rental option, you have an access to the exactly same product. If you want to buy a product but the 1 month rental option is not available, then please let us know. We can add the 1 month rental option for you any time. If you need more tips about our products and trading, do not miss to visit our dedicated AlgoTrading-Investment Blog.

Here are Some Quotes from our Customers.

Andrew from USA

I finally understood that good automation is the key to successful trading in modern financial markets. My trading becomes 10 times easier with ATI products. For the same tools and the same trading style, there can be a big difference depending on who built them. After using several products from algotrading-investment.com, I want to say that they are the top performers among my indicators I collected last couple of years.

Andrew from USAFantastic Trading Technology
Scott from UK

With my strategy, I was already a solid trader. 70% profit in 6 month is not bad I guess. The trouble was drawdown. I got the help from ATI through their consulting service, now my strategy is more stable and reliable than before. It took nearly 3 weeks to fine tuning my strategy with ATI. I believe this was most single useful service I have ever received from developers during my trading career.

Scott from UKHard Working People
Matthew from USA

I started using Harmonic Pattern Plus 2 years ago. Then I have added the other tools later. Now I can say few words about ATI products. They are really the products working and producing money for me. I have already recommended ATI’s products to several of my friends.

Matthew from USAPrice Action Rocks
Jeremy from USA

I am trading gold and forex for 8 years. I use tools from ATI every day for my trading. ATI products are the wonderful tools for finding the co-intersection between trend and breakout phase. They really suit for my day trading strategy.

Jeremy from USAGold, Gold, Gold......
Aston from USA

I encountered “algotrading-investment.com” while I am searching some indicators and expert advisors for Meta Trader. Well, I soon figured out that ATI have some serious collection of trading systems. I picked up Harmonic Pattern Plus and Mean Reversion Supply Demand at the same time because I like this type of trading style. I use both tools in combination and they works pretty well. I heavily rely on these two tools for my trading. My experience tells me that these two unique indicators will soon help me to double up my capital. Time can only tell us the truth. So far so good. My gain is more than 35%.

Aston from USAForex Master
Corwin from USA

My trading decision is mostly based on the interpretation of geometry in the chart. There are many technical indicators available for free of charge. However it is not easy to find out some tools automatically drawing sensible triangles and squares in the charts like experienced traders do. Then I looked at price breakout pattern scanner and sideways market analyser. These were quite amazing piece of work to be honest.  They are not only unique indicators but also they do really help for my trading too. To improve my trading performance, I added Elliott Wave Trend indicators lately. I am really happy with the products and supports from algotrading-investment.com.

Corwin from USAThink out of box
NOW from UK

Harmonic Pattern Plus and Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner are very good tools to have in your arsenal. However they both have a flaw in them, the user. .

Comment left By User ID: Wnoman from mql5.com

NOW from UKVery Good, 5 star out of 5
Nguyen from Viet Nam

I must say thank Buddha for me to meet the team ATI products between thousands of products offered on the internet. With ATI’s product my business results is truly impressive : 10-20 % profit per week. Too amazing. Every cent spent on ATI’s products are very worthwhile. Thank ATI team for their efforts to build products that help everybody get a clear market view and highly accurate trading decision on the forex market. I suggest you use a following toolkit like me to get business results like me: Price Breakout Pattern Scanner, Harmonic Pattern Plus, Turning Point Detector, Elliott Wave Trend, Mean Reversion Supply Demand and Precision Support Resistance.

Comment left By User ID: nguyenphanduc from mql5.com

Nguyen from Viet NamToo amazing.

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